As a classically trained actress, I have been active on the stage since 1988, over ten years in the firm commitment and now more than 20 years as a freelance actress in Berlin.

I work as a spokeswoman, voice actress, and hold lectures.

I love the stage as an experimental space; it is my second home. It is in action and creative space that plays an important part of my work.

Acting is a creative spirit, the source of my work for myself and my work as a trainer and coach.

Working with and on people has always fascinated me. Besides freelancing, I taught at several drama schools in Berlin as well as at the UDK, University of the Arts.

Shortly after, companies started to get interested in me and my work. Beginning in 1997, I entered into business coaching.

Meanwhile, I gained more knowledge of coaching, education, and training: the NLP, Systemic Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, and Enneagram.

Today, I work since 23 years as a lecturer, trainer, and coach at universities, in consulting companies, medium-sized companies and global corporations as well as in individual sessions with people from different professions.


My target group includes: entrepreneurs, creative people, people in apprenticeships, speakers, authors, journalists, pastors ... who publicly present their topics and/or want to personally develop themselves. Because on the outside shows only what was seated and is present in the inside.


We shine from inside to outside.


The author, the speaker:
I'm on the road with my topics around PowerAct and the self.
From the public me of the persona to the self-experience, self-awareness to self-love, self-efficacy, and vitality.
On the topic of effective self-expression, I wrote my first book in German “PowerAct-Ihr starker Auftritt” published in 2015 at the publishing company Haufeverlag.

The Actress:
Since 1986, on German and American stages.

Synchronic and radio spokeswoman
2004-2019 Head of a theater company called Society Players/theater Hautnah and also active as an actress, director, and producer.

Further information on

My children, people I have met, whether in everyday life, in business or traveling in distant countries, and life itself, are my best teachers.
As a mother of three sons, I know the challenges of everyday life as well as the excessive demands, and the balancing act between children and work.

Both professionally and personally, I go through life as a biped – where one leg is the trainer and coach and the other leg is the actress.

The result is a mixture: steadfast, reliable, realistic, ambitious, analytical; romantic-dreamy, curious, experimental, and willing to take risks.


If you want to work on your own art, then work on your life.

Anton chekov


Creativity is my source and inspiration, my lightness, my courage. The opportunity to try out experiences and mistakes. My self-permission not to be "perfect." To give myself space and the people I am with.
I love challenges. I am a seeker and finder, passionate, curious, and life-hungry.
My passion is life itself, nature, awake, and awakened people.
The art is the distillate.
My values are love, freedom, and adventure.
My views and beliefs:
It is about transformation of oneself, in acting as well as in coaching.

It's about taking your stand. Everyone should know clearly where they stand, human-social, political-universal. Every human being has a voice.
There is purpose in life.
Life is a gift.
Moreover, every human being has all the resources they need to step into their light and powerfully shape their lives and contribute to the world.
With the necessary courage, miracles become possible.
Why should we all use our creative power? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, so happy, so alive, so brave and so compassionate - so indifferent to struggling and accumulating goods and money. (Brenda Ueland)


Life loves you - get ready and contribute.