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Mindful in life.


It all lies within ourselves



Self-perception and self-esteem are preconditions for a healthy self-relationship.

You learn to recognize signals faster whether internal or external, to use resources or to take measures, so you can stay in balance and flow with yourself and the outside, whether at the workplace, in a relationship, or within the family.

You learn to recognize energy suckers and to take beneficial steps to get out of the trap and free yourself form external control, to face demands and stress at eye level and to make the “right” meaning healthy decisions.

In our desire for recognition, self-optimization, and success, we often exhaust ourselves. We race life, through time, get lost in multi-tasking ... some in distraction ... until burning out.

Often only the breakdown, opens the window of opportunity to change; however, it does not have to be that way necessarily.


Some ride a dead horse and have a joyless dull ride through life. Indifference, fatigue, and latent frustration are the companions here.


You should arrange life so that every moment is meaningful.

Iwan Turgenjev


Learn to turn the tables around by making decisions that will serve you, inspire and fulfill you rather than sucking your energy. That requires a healthy amount of awareness and mindfulness. Also, with small matters. Because the things we deal with daily, determine our quality of life.


We have a choice whether to focus our attention mainly on life's problems and obstacles, we "distract" ourselves, or we make a choice to lead a life as we want.

If we succeed energy and power will naturally appear. That pays into the account of your whole-body vital power. Everything will be experienced lighter and fluent. The shift from deficit to abundance becomes possible.

You will feel how you attract people and life plays for you.

In cheerful serenity, giving and receiving becomes a cycle.

Both in public and in private, we always have the alternative of playing a role or being ourselves. Many practice their role and personality, chase after the effect ... and feel empty at the end of the day or their life. We all know that we have the desire for success and yet we are not happy for a short while, because we did not kiss our true self, it fell by the wayside, we got too adjusted and bent. With a knot in our stomach and throats we go, we speak, we appear.

It is about to dig deep into our heart, into our center, and perhaps even deeper.


Some people will not find their hearts until they lose their heads.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Burnout begins where we are separated from ourselves, from nature, from real life. If we lose enthusiasm and love, if we no longer feel ourselves, we lose dialogue and connection to ourselves and the world.

Depression, frustration, numbness, and withdrawal are the result.
You have the choice.
Do not wait for burnout.
Decide for a life in abundance and vitality.