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Authentic in Being.


Know thyself, and the truth will set you free.

Apollo Temple of Delphi


Personal development and self-awareness, although related they often know very little about each other.

Would you like to work on a more public persona? With the intention: how do I raise my resources and potential, so that I achieve the best possible effect, become more successful and feel comfortable with my image and personal version of myself, to go through life more relaxed and with more confidence and sovereignty in both your career and everyday life.

Alternatively, are you interested in self-development, self-knowledge, self-awareness, or a self-discovery of the “I AM,” to accept what is already? To enjoy being. It is about acceptance, gratitude, and inner peace to experience real happiness.

With the realization that you are more than your mind, more than the ego recognized and shaped by your account, it becomes possible to look deeper, make peace, plunge into your Ocean of Possibilities, from which you can then draw from an unrecognized abundance that still may be hidden from you because everything lies within us.

We all have the opportunity to shape our lives consciously and to make a coherent choice that serves us and opens us to new things.

Use your daily thinking, strength, imagination, and love for a self-determined and fulfilling life.

What is really important to you? What exactly do you want in order to improve your quality of life and your happiness? If you are not satisfied with "it's more or less okay" but you are longing for more, want to dig deeper into yourself, or if you have lost the meaning of life, coaching is the next step.

Coaching raises questions you have not yet asked yourself, provides answers to questions that have not yet been asked, shows new perspectives and ways to respond differently or newly to questions, doubts and limitations regarding your behaviors, potential, and resources.


Become who you are.

(Friedrich Nietzsche)


Do you connect with yourself and others you care about in a lively and joyful dialog? Can you enjoy yourself and others, or does your inner critic and doubter block you?

We shape our lives, consciously and unconsciously.

With clear conscious and self-effective decisions and responsibility for our life, we get step by step into the right choices and the freedom we want to gain.

On top, it will be possible to encounter ourselves and others with relaxed joyfulness, humor and generosity, creating space and energy.

Are you open for new experiences, able to engage emotionally? You have the courage to be vulnerable or are you moving through the world in “armor” mode?

Are you at flow, and excitement with the things do? After a full day's work, do you still have enough power for yourself and the people you care about or, are you just recovering from work?

What signals does your body send?

It helps to bring our attention back more intensely, to be alert and sensitive to our body instead of being distracted and diverted.

Pay attention to your own words and story that you tell yourself; this determines your perception and reality.

It starts with ourselves, in self-knowledge, who am I, and what do I want?

Where are the fears, blockages and limiting or supporting mindsets, to enter the power and fulfillment you finally seek?

How is self-enjoyment and quality of life possible and experienced by you? Every day. And not just on vacation. How can conflicts be resolved easier, and how can efforts be mastered better? How do problems become challenges that you can grow from?

Thinking alone is of no use…it helps though, but it does not serve you ... why we make unreasonable decisions over and over again.

(read further Dan Ariely)