Coaching & Training

for your strong performance &

personal development

- the following modules can be booked as a workshop/seminar, or one on one. -


Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Actors & Authors


Vocal and Speech Training

Variable package of 7-20 hours for:

  • vocal support based on diaphragmatic breathing

  • Your personal tone (indifference)

  • a good, clear articulation

  • frontal speech position

  • Voice modulation and adequate speed

  • an economic speaking according to the endurance of your voice.

We will eliminate individual bad speech patterns and dialects.

Body Language

Body language and body posture can also be booked as specific individual components.

Body language is authentic if it is functional, along with the overall message of your text, your intention. It is congruent if supportive.

Body language comes before the word, that means, it can be read and interpreted as the real reasons and internal attitude of the person, their energy and health (the latter, of course, also is transported by voice).

Individually, according to your temperament, we work on your authentic body language.


Speaker training

A 7-day module: your speech in front of a public audience

  • Voice-body language

  • Dramaturgy of the speech

  • The five pillars of impression and effectiveness

  • Speech Psychology

    We make you fit for the stage, whether keynote, inspiration speech, information lecture. The laws of the stage and the increased demands of giving your speech over 20-30-60 minutes are both a craft and an art. Both must be learned and practiced. All seven days are live (10-17h) and there is no online training. We work with video analytics.


Authors SKILLS


Author Storytelling

Reading as in print? Storytelling for authors.
Authors are wonderful writers and only partially functional storytellers.
That is why I put together a tool that has been developed in a concise way for authors.

  • Setting and breathing suspense of meaning and thinking.

  • Good speech technique

  • Adequate reading tempo

Character Work

Prose lives from their characters.

In this two-day seminar, we explore the protagonist, the antagonist, you fine-tune  the structure of your plot, and crystallize the associated pitch of your story.

The character development, as possibility to figure out your protagonist, discover it in unknown psychological deepness.


Actor training

Casting preparation, role development, audition repertoire


Module I: Self-experience in acting

We work on your instrument: creative self-expression, the playful discovery of your potential, improvisation, ability for spontaneity, sense work, affective memory, song and dance, and much more. I use exercises of the Meisner technique to guide the actor into their own reality, into the here and now.

Module II: Work spectrum for the role

  • Character Development Needs and Flaws

  • Dramatic Bow

  • concrete scenic resolution

  • Text work and analysis (beats and subtexts)

  • Animal Exercises



For more than 30 years, I have been coaching actors and colleagues from artistic fields, such as musical performers, variety of artists, and directors.
My work is designed for colleagues with long-term professional experience as well as those entering the job market.

My understanding of acting is shaped by many outstanding teachers and mentors from the USA and Germany. After my classical acting education in Munich, based on the teachings of Stanislawski, followed a very long and intensive work with the Lee Strasberg Method, Method Acting, with teachers such as

Walter Lott, later Geraldine Baron and Susan Batson.

The experience at the HB Studio in NYC allowed me to immerse more in-depth into the Uta Hagentechnik.


Jack Garfein, Meisner Technique and Animal Work with Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad from Los Angeles were very enriching additions to my composition of Acting and Being. So, my acting approach is a bridge between the psychological Method Acting and the practical exercises of the Uta Hagen Technique.


The true actor is driven by the irrepressible desire to incessantly transform themself into other people to discover themself in the end.

Max Reinhardt



Coaching helps to question things, to get to the bottom of them, to find the true depth, to ask questions about why – to find purpose.

Coaching helps to explore, to filter what you want and what you can do to achieve it.

With the willingness for change and the willingness to take over responsibility, we have it in our own hands to shape life according to our ideas and wishes.

So the goal of any coaching can only be to improve your quality of life. Gaining peace and freedom and letting go of pain and frustration.

Self-realization instead of external heteronomy. Self-responsibility instead of helplessness.

As a coach, I trigger new questions and thought processes. A change of perspective succeeds in generating a new inner attitude, with which your behavior can change over the long term. You gain new experiences which will be memorized and stored in your body memory.

With new experiences, it becomes possible to override old learning patterns.

In this way, there are often resistances, blockades. We fear nothing as much as change (proverb). Therefore, it is difficult to carry out change processes alone.

As a coach and trainer, I would like to accompany you here until you feel familiar, well, and safe with your new status quo.


Words are a form of action, able to bring about change.

Ingrid Bengis