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Present in the Performance.


Shine in your own light!


You lead teams.

You give presentations.
You consult customers.
You present yourself or your company.
You act as a moderator or speaker.
You want to succeed as a powerful and sovereign leader.
You want to gain more clarity, impact, and self-fulfillment professionally and personally.


I improve your presence at performance, your self-confidence, and your personality to a powerful and enjoyable level.

Every presentation needs your radiant light and strong self.

Clarity and passion in the implementation of your values, desires, and goals are reflected in your voice, body language, attitude; in your body energy as a whole.
With this impact you are able to convince.

Learn to move, inspire, and guide people with your powerful instrument.

With focused intention comes clear expression and therefore clear communication and rhetoric.


A convincing presence has impact, is productive in leadership, change, deepness, and clear vision.


However, the best content does not come across if your voice does not play along. Therefore, public speaking needs a functioning and well-tuned tool instrument. Your whole person: constructive mindset, inner attitude, outward attitude, body, voice, presence. Because first presence determines: What comes next.

You want a convincing performance? A clear and well-fitting voice, authentic body language and a magnetic appearance?

With a custom-made training, I fully support you.


A podium is a ruthless thing - there a person stands more naked as in a pool.

Kurt Tucholsky


Each person has their unique personality, talents, and potential. Unique way of being, expressing themselves to create and perform.  


I support everyone with my empathy, intuition, long-term experience, and keen eye. I help people in leading or public positions to transform their creative processes into powerful self-impression and performance.


The moment you publicly stand up for yourself and take a stance on a topic, de facto you take your point of view, raise your voice, at that moment you are in focus and technically on the “stage of life.”

The action framework is variable: whether in the personal framework of a family celebration on which you give a speech or in business, a purposeful dialogue between business partners, a large lecture in front of a full audience, sales pitch, or a plea.

The deciding factor is your ability to draw your strength from clarity of your focused mindset.

Body language, voice, and personality of each person are closely connected; therefore, this is work in its whole. It is not a matter of studying a role or putting on a mask.

It is the opposite, it's about your individual authentic self, your resources what we will discover in the training.