What Coaching can Do



Training on the physical level, whether speech or body language training, I override old patterns of your speech and body systems with new possibilities for expressing yourself.


I train you until your instrument can perform the newly acquired skills all by itself, completely unconsciously, so that you can concentrate completely on your task, your content.


The depth of insight and a creative playful approach are the two paths in my work.

When we experiment, when we are curious and enthusiastic, we become adventurers and discoverers of ourselves and untapped potential and possibilities. In lightness and enjoyment, we will find what we are looking for and surprise ourselves.

Where mistakes and fears are not an issue, we can bravely discover and re-discover ourselves. That means a creative approach. My many years of experience in acting is the source and treasure chest for my training and coaching work which makes the difference.

For me, coaching means supporting you, lifting your treasures, learning to trust your potential, kissing your energy awake, and encouraging you to show yourself to the world in this energy. To be transparent and open, for a constructive exchange with yourself and your surroundings.

The feeling of energy, strength and joy of life becomes an experienced catalyst. Bound mindsets are overridden by new body experience.


Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.

Aldous Huxley


Only what the body has learned, the head will know. It’s about making new experiences with yourself.

Where is the intuitive, true experience hidden from us and where does the ego structure begin?
Mind or Mindfuck ...? When do we tell us old-fashioned “wrong” “stories” ...?

“Experience does not mean anything. You can do your thing wrong for 35 years.” (saying)
What is stopping us from stepping into our real selves, our happiness to become one with ourselves and the big picture?

Know yourself and this truth will set you free (proverb).
Who were we - who are we now - where do we want to go? Who do we want to be and become? Mostly the way to ourselves is not far, but often the transit, the way there is obstructed, obscured, forgotten.

To be successful in the sense of experiencing what succeeds, means to take the next step. Lesser the hunting for recognition, impression to build a self-fulfilling ego. The latter often ends in slavery again.

The experienceable through our senses, body and the mind, is our true knowledge. What the body learns is available to us unconsciously and sustainably.

Connected to our emotions and feelings, this becomes sensible and livable. Only cognitively recorded, it remains a concept and an abstraction.

Pure technical, scientific thinking seems too one-dimensional. Science and spirituality are meaningful additions to me.


Phantasy is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein


Quantum physics and the latest findings in brain research in the field of neuroplasticity confirm this view. My coaching is based on this.

We radiate when we are connected and in love with the things we do. It creates an inner glow that enhances your radiance. Everything is connected with everything.

For me as a coach, the circle starts from self-awareness, mindfulness and vitality all the way up to expressiveness and finally performance.

Change is holistic, it usually begins, as in nature, from the inside to the outside.

Of course, there are always several ways, we can also learn through technique and train from the outside in.

Life is a wonderful gift with challenges, pain and love. It’s like a drugstore. You get everything, sometimes relentlessly and unsolicited.

And luck is what you make out of it. Happiness is to accept life as it is (old proverb).


Smart living does not come by chance. As long as you live, keep learning how to live.